My First Birthday at Nana's House

Mommy and Daddy usually go to Nana's house the second weekend in October for the festival there. It happens to be my birthday too. So we invited a few people over and had a party!

Those are the cakes. Mommy's friend April made the cakes for my party. Daddy is helping me eat and mommy is trying to get pictures before I dig into my cake!

I was very neat with my cake. Most of it went into my mouth. I ate little pieces of the frosting for about forty-five mintues before I got tired of it and dumped it in the floor. Mommy and Daddy gave me just the bear off my cake about 20 minutes into my marathon cake eating session because they thought it might speed things up!
I wasn't very interested in opening my presents so Mommy and Daddy had to help me. I was most interested in playing with the presents that had already been opened.

I met Great Grandma for the first time when I went to see Nana for my birthday.