Birth Plan for Laura Johnson-Expected Due Date: October 12, 2002

Husband and Coach
Kendall Johnson
Midwife: Mary McBride and Mary Slawter
Place of Delivery: New Hanover Regional Medical Center
Equipment I would like access to: Portable Potty and squat bar

September 4, 2002

We are planning a natural Bradley Birth. We realize that births do not always go according to plan but here are some suggestions that we feel will help us have the best possible birth experience. We are very inquisitive people and will most likely ask a lot of questions. Please do not feel that we are questioning your actions, we just want to be informed.

Laura and Kendall Johnson

I do not want an IV unless I become dehydrated and prefer not to have a saline well
I would like to be free to walk around during labor and change position
I would like drink freely as needed and eat light foods if possible
I would like to wear my glasses or contacts at all times (we should have both on hand)

Medical Interventions during labor
I wish to have intermittent fetal monitoring unless constant monitoring is required by the condition our baby.
I wish to keep vaginal exams to a minimum
A drug free birth is important to us and I feel it will be easier to reach our goal if pain medications are not suggested to us unless they are asked for.
I would like for my bag of waters to break naturally if possible.
If labor stalls, I would like to be informed of my options. I would like to avoid pitocin if possible.

2nd Stage and Delivery
I would like to be allowed to choose the position in which I give birth including squatting.
I would like to be told (very gently) by the nurse-midwife when to push to prevent tears.
I prefer a first or second degree tear instead of the episiotomy
Please use a local anesthetic to repair a tear or an episiotomy
I do not want routine pitocin after delivery. Please inform us if this becomes necessary and for what reasons.
I would like to hold our baby while I deliver the placenta and tissue repairs are made

Immediately after birth
I would like our baby placed on my stomach/chest immediately after birth if possible
Kendall would like to cut the umbilical cord
We would like to wait until the cord is stopped pulsating before clamping and cutting
If our baby must be taken for medical treatment Kendall will accompany the baby at all times
I would appreciate it if the evaluation of my baby can be done on my abdomen unless there is an unusual situation
I would prefer to hold my baby rather than have him/her placed under heat lamps
Kendall and I would like some private time by our selves as a new family with our new baby for 1 hour following birth
We would like to help with our baby's first bath.

Cesarean Birth
Unless Absolutely necessary, I would like to avoid a cesarean
I tend to feel claustrophobic and may panic if I feel I cannot breath
My husband has a calming effect on me and it would probably be in everyone's best interest if he could remain with me at all times

I would like to remain with our baby as much as possible and would like to have him/her "room in"
We prefer that all evaluations that involve the baby be done in our room if at all possible. We feel this will be more comfortable for both the baby and I as I wish to remain with our baby as much as possible.

I would like to breastfeed as soon as possible after birth
Please do not give our baby bottles of any kind or a pacifier. If we feel they are necessary we will ask.
I would like to meet with a Lactation Consultant if available

At a later date we would like to schedule a time to have this done at our pediatricians office (if our baby is a boy). Our pediatrician is Cape Fear Pediatrics

Immunizations, tests, and safety procedures
We would like to wait until the baby is old to have the Hepatitis B vaccine
We would like to decline the eye drops if possible

We would like to be discharged within 24 hours of birth if the baby is healthy and the birth was unmedicated and complication free.